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Title: Hide and Seek
Author: Kathie
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: John Sheppard/Radek Zelenka
Rating: FRAO
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be and never were.
Word Count: 1,265 words
Summary: John and Radek play hide and seek, and throw in a bit of phone sex – Atlantis Style.
Author’s Notes: For kink_bingo, prompt: Phone sex.


“Come find me.“

It was a challenge, thrown out backhandedly, in a simple and almost harmless comment.


“Where are you hiding?” John asked, his voice lowered to a quiet murmur. Not everyone needed to know what was going on. In fact, as far as he was concerned, nobody needed to know.

Nobody but the two of them.

“It’s up to you, to find that out,” came the voice over the private channel they shared. “Where would be the fun if I just told you?”

John chuckled and turned around a corner, away from the bustle of Atlantis’ mess hall, to reach the privacy of the next transporter. “I would be able to find you sooner,” he pointed out, his voice getting husky. “And I’d be able to run my hands up your legs and pull off your pants and…” He found himself blushing and fumbling for words.

Talking had never been his strong suit. He’d always been so much better at doing something instead of describing it.

His words were greeted with a soft chuckle. “I am already naked…and waiting for you, John.”

An incentive.

John swallowed dryly. “Naked?” he repeated. His voice went rough as the images solidified in his head.

His lover, spread out on the bed. One hand reaching down, stroking slowly. He could hear the quickened breathing and imagined the dilated pupils and the half-opened mouth.

“Very naked. Come and find me.”

The hunt was on. John selected the destination closest to their rooms and leaned back against the wall of the transporter.

“Tell me more,” he requested softly.

The goal was to keep his prey distracted, he thought. He didn’t expect to find anyone in either of their rooms, but it would be stupid to exclude them from his search.

Static and the sound of labored breathing filled his ear. “Tell you more?” his lover mused. “What do you want me to say? I’m naked, but I said that already. Lying comfortably here…one hand wrapped around my dick, stroking slowly. Very slowly. It feels nice.”

John made an affirmative sound as he stealthily moved down the hallways, keeping his eyes trained on any trace of his lover. He didn’t exactly expect to see the other one, that much was obvious, but he was looking for something else: every little hint and trace he could find. It was something Ronon had taught him, and it had already come in handy in many situations.

“I’m imagining it’s your hand. I do that sometimes, when you’re off world and not here. Stroking slowly, the way you do that. You tease. You never go as fast as I want you to. I imagine you lying on your side next to me, your head pillowed on your free hand, looking down on me while your other hand moves slowly over my body. Always slow, at this point.”

John swallowed and broke into a jog. He had deliberately picked a hall that was not as populated as the main rooms of Atlantis.

“I imagine it’s your fingers that push slowly into me. One, then two, but still at that torturously slow pace.” A bitten-off moan, and John had to slow down again, because he knew perfectly well what that hitch in his lover’s breathing meant, and the knowledge sent the blood straight to his dick, making it press almost uncomfortably against the heavy material of his pants.

“Are you still touching yourself?” he asked, his voice thick with arousal while skipping around another corner.

“Yeah,” came the answering moan. “Too slow. Need more. Need you.”

John bit his lip and pressed the palm of his hand against his groin. “I’m on my way,” he promised, not caring about how his voice sounded – rough, scratchy, and deeper than usual.

A breathless chuckle. “So you think you found me?”

“Not yet,” John admitted and stepped through another door into the hangar. A quick glance around confirmed that one of the jumpers was missing, and John allowed himself a brief triumphant smile. His instincts had been right.

“Too bad,” came the reply, together with a moan. “I’m ready now. Spread my legs wide, got three of my fingers in me, still imagining it’s you. Do you have any ideas how hard it is not to speed up and finish myself off here? It feels so good.”

“Yeah,” John said, his voice coming short and clipped. He took a step deeper into the hangar; one arm spread out while the other one went back to his fly without his conscious decision and rubbed his trapped dick gently.

“I’m all slick and open. You could just slip into me. No more preparation needed. Just waiting for you here.”

The words went straight through John’s body, making the muscles in his stomach contract and his balls pull up. He took another step forward – and groaned in relief and frustration when his fingers collided with cold metal.

“Problem, John?”

The words were smooth, like honey, and John groaned again. “No,” he croaked. “When I get to you, I’m going to fuck you. Hard and fast.”

This time, the moan that reverberated through his body didn’t come from him. It sent Goosebumps down John’s back and arms as it rippled through his whole body before settling in his groin in a sharp jolt of arousal.
“One way or another,” he rasped. “I’ll get you.”

His lover laughed again. “And then?” he asked. “I’m stroking myself again. A bit faster, a bit more pressure, and I come.”

“Don’t come yet,” John said, nervously looking over his shoulder to make sure nobody was overhearing him. “I want to be in you when you do. Want to feel you come around me.”

The part of him that was still capable of thinking rationally frowned and shook his head at himself, but a majority of his brain was focused on something else.

He took a deep breath and bit his lip until the metallic taste of blood flooded his mouth and cleared his head slightly. “You want me to fuck you?” he asked, his voice once more dropping.

“Yeah,” came the reply, a soft mewl that made him take a shuddery breath and clench his hand into a tight fist.

“Want me to bend you over and just…do it?”


“My hands on your hips, holding you still?”

He still felt awkward with the whole talking thing, but, he thought quietly, it was going better, or maybe he was just too turned on to care about how stupid he sounded.

“Oh yeah…”

John chuckled and took a step back.

“Why don’t you just uncloak the jumper and let me in, then?” he suggested slowly.

There was a brief pause, then John could hear a soft moan. Only seconds later, the jumper re-appeared, exactly where John had parked it, and the hatch opened, revealing a blanket spread on the floor, with Radek lying on it, a tablet computer in front of him. True to his word, he was naked, and, as John had suspected, his eyes had a feverish shine to them when he looked up at him dazedly.

“Gotcha,” he whispered before stepping into the ship.

They might both not be perfect at the phone sex thing, he thought while struggling out of his jacket and dropping it, together with his radio, on one of the benches, but they were better at the real thing.

And it was time to prove it.

He kneeled down to kiss Radek deeply. “Ready?” he asked before re-engaging the cloaking device.

This was, after all, just between the two of them.


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