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Fic: In Focus by vileseagulls (NC-17)

Title: In Focus
Author: vileseagulls
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sheppard/Zelenka
Notes: Written for spubba, betaed by blue_raven.
Summary: John fixates; Radek is smirky. Porn ensues.

When John comes into the lab one day looking for Rodney, he's caught by the picture Zelenka makes, head down and working. The arm of his glasses catches the light as he frowns, and John just stops and stares at the silver metal against Zelenka's face.

It's a minute before anyone notices him there, and then he has to tear himself away as Rodney comes bustling up, chattering like they were already halfway through a conversation. He manages to compose himself enough to talk but he's left wondering what on earth that was as he walks out with Rodney in tow.

That evening they're in the mess and he looks up just in time to see Zelenka, bent over his laptop, push his glasses up his nose distractedly and take another bite of casserole without looking away from the screen. His breath catches, mind firing images of his fingers stroking over the skin where the arm of the glasses is, and he has to swallow hard, voice rough when he answers Teyla.

It's the next day, after watching Zelenka take off his glasses and rub the bridge of his nose, glasses hanging carelessly from one hand, that he gives in and retreats to his room. He considers a cold shower but isn't that masochistic, so he ends up leaning against the wall with his eyes closed, picturing himself taking off Zelenka's glasses. Feels cool metal in his hand and then warm skin under his fingertips and comes hard, hand wrapped around his length, gasping.

John licks a streak of come off his hand, buttons his pants, glances in the mirror to make sure he doesn't look too flushed, and steps outside and goes back to work.

He finds he can't stop watching Zelenka, fixating on where the glasses disappear behind his ear, a glint of light as he turns his head, careless motions to adjust his glasses. Occasionally he branches out, staring at the dark line of Zelenka's comm against his cheek. He can't work out why it's gotten him so distracted, but it leaves him jerking off three times a day and he just can't stop staring.

Teyla's noticed, much to John's dismay, and he gets a mildly amused look from time to time when she catches him staring. Thankfully no one else seems to have, but he really has to get this under control. The last thing he needs is his men having a go at him.

But then he finds himself back in the lab once more and watching intently from the doorway as Zelenka works - only this time Zelenka looks up and catches him. He sees Zelenka swallow, a quick glance around to see if John's looking at someone else, perhaps, and then he gets up and comes to the door. "Ah, did you need something, Colonel?"

"Um, yeah, I wanted to - is Rodney around?" and he has to kick himself for not saying something else, and then he has to kick himself for that, because he can't go around propositioning the scientists, for god's sake.

So he talks to Rodney, and if he glances over his shoulder at Zelenka once or twice, finds Zelenka looking back at him, well, he's not going to think about that.

Of course, now Zelenka seems to be paying attention, because every time John catches himself staring Zelenka catches him as well, and he's getting a little bit worried about all these intent looks he seems to be getting. On the other hand, it's Zelenka's glasses from a different angle, and he really needs to figure out what the big deal is there, but later, because he has to go and jerk off again.

Zelenka keeps him on edge for a few days more before the confrontation he knows is coming - a few days of glancing up and finding Zelenka staring at him, for a change, and squirming in his seat like he's fucking fifteen or something and waiting to be yelled at by the teacher.

Not that it stops him watching Zelenka whenever he thinks he won't get caught.

Then finally Zelenka follows him into a transporter, catches his hand as he goes to touch a destination - warm, slightly damp, warm, god - and pushes another location instead. He's torn between relief this is finally going to be done with and nervousness - swallows hard and doesn't say anything, but he's close enough to Zelenka that he's looking down as Zelenka fixes him with a glare, light reflecting off metal in the best way.

He tries not to fidget.

Then the doors open and Zelenka pushes him out, firm hand at his back, still not speaking, and steers him down a corridor John recognises as leading to Zelenka's room. And John has to say something, but, "Uh, Doc..." isn't quite what he was hoping for. It earns him another glare and a, "Do not talk."

Then they're at Zelenka's rooms, and John really has no idea where this is going, mind spinning off in far too many totally implausible directions. And the door opens and Zelenka pushes him inside, shutting it behind them.

"Look, uh, I'm not sure what--" he starts, because seriously, he's not going to admit to anything until he's actually been accused, but Zelenka needs to give him something to work with here.

"You have been staring." Hard tone, and now John is fidgeting, because doesn't that just cut right to the point. "Were you anyone else I would say I knew why, but you are U.S. military and no one knows what you lot are thinking. So. Why do you stare at me?"

Now John can't meet Zelenka's eyes, glasses or no, but if there was ever a time to come clean this is it, and John's never been one for not taking stupid risks. So he takes a deep breath, scratches the back of his neck, and looks at the floor.

Gets an, "Um," out, stops. Glances around the room.

"Look, you, uh." Stops again.

He hears a snort from Zelenka and then a hand around his neck pulling him down, and Zelenka presses their lips gently together and lets him go again. He can't breathe.

"Is that what you are trying to say?" And really, he can hear the smirk in that, and he's not sure he can deal with that, because in a second he can see Zelenka's going to start laughing and that just won't do.

So he kisses Zelenka quickly, slightly harder than strictly necessary, then decides that's not enough and the next one is more lingering, tongue just touching Zelenka's - Radek's - lips, tasting.

And fuck, Radek's very much with the program, deepening the kiss and pushing his fingers into John's hair, and John's so fucking hard right now, and they're not even touching below the neck, and he's already having trouble thinking straight.

He brings his hands up, one around Radek's neck (warm, so warm, and sweat-damp hair to tangle with), and the other at Radek's cheek and god, yes, this is what he wanted, fingers rubbing over the arm of his glasses, stroking the edge of Radek's ear and down behind, feeling Radek shiver as he brushes a sensitive spot.

They separate, finally, both breathing hard, and Radek reaches for his glasses but John stops him with a hand on his, pulls Radek's glasses off carefully, holding Radek's eyes.

He takes a brief moment to run a finger over the join between metal rim and arm then sets them down on the desk. He can feel the impression still on his fingertips as he turns back to Radek so he strokes that hand deliberately into Radek's hair, carding through the fine strands and down to his neck. Radek's watching him again, but this time it doesn't make him uncomfortable and he watches right back, playing with the hair under his fingers.

After a moment Radek breaks the silence, says, "Perhaps the bed, then?" eyes holding his like it isn't really a question, and it's not like John wants to disagree here.

So he nods, says, "Yeah, that'd be good," and links hands with Radek, pulling him backwards until they can sit, never breaking eye contact.

Radek's hands push up his shirt and he has to gasp at the first touch on his stomach, repressing a shiver and fighting to control his breathing. Radek smirks like he knows the effect he's having and John's not quite sure he can bear that, but he doesn't know how to make him stop. So he submits to having his shirt tugged over his head but makes a bit of a show of it, stretching his arms and hearing a strangled noise from Radek and then a hand on his chest, sliding slowly down and he has to close his eyes against the intensity.

And yeah, that worked, and now John's trying not to look amused, but Radek decides to even the score and John can't think of anything anymore, just knows he has to taste that skin Radek's just uncovered. He pushes Radek down, tongue at his collarbone before he's even lying flat, and it's good, a hint of salt making him lick harder and then suck, trying for more while Radek sighs, hand on John's shoulder and clenching sporadically.

When John's finished with that particular spot he tongues his way down, chasing the taste of salt and sucking hard where he finds it. He knows he's leaving marks but he's not sure he really cares, because Radek's groaning above him, hands in his hair, holding him firm.

A little lower Radek's hands gain direction and he finds himself being led to Radek's nipple - sucks roughly there because this is new, hard on his tongue and he has to lick it repeatedly. Bites it just to see and Radek makes a sharp noise but the hands in his hair are hardly pulling him away so he keeps going. He can hear himself making small sounds in his throat that he can't quite suppress, but god, this is so good, the taste of Radek surrounding him as he sucks and licks.

Perhaps he stays there too long because Radek pulls him off, breathing shaky, and he takes it all in for a moment - Radek sprawled out beneath him, eyes not quite focussing, pale skin with darker hair trailing down and disappearing at the waistband of his pants, legs sprawled shamelessly and god, he can see how hard Radek is and he has to touch, cups his dick and gets a startled sound for his effort.

It's not enough and his hands are scrabbling at Radek's fly, tugging his pants open and down roughly until he can see Radek's cock and he buries his nose in dark hair and breathes in, smelling sweat and arousal and Radek. Radek's making little noises, hips twitching, trying to get closer to John's mouth. John takes mercy on him and licks his way wetly up Radek's cock, tastes the sharp fluid at the tip. And okay, it's not like he's ever done this before, but he really wants to, and he's pretty sure Radek's not going to be grading him on it.

He doesn't know what he's meant to be doing with Radek's foreskin but surely anything's going to feel good so he holds Radek's cock steady and slides his tongue under and around and Radek gasps, hips bucking hard, so he figures he must be doing okay.

He takes Radek's cock into his mouth then and sucks hard. Slides down a bit further, swirls his tongue around and decides he quite likes this, making Radek twist and writhe and make the best noises. He knows from experience that the more hot and wet, the better, so he slides down again and - jesus fuck! - and he pulls off, coughing and gagging, eyes watering.

Radek sits up beside him, hand stroking his back and talking urgently as he struggles for breath, and he gasps out a, "Sorry, god, sorry," cheeks burning.

When he can see straight again he's not sure he wants to, because Radek's trying very hard not to smile and John thinks he might just die of shame. Especially when Radek says, "So you have not done that before?" He can see Radek's trying for concern, but amusement's clearly winning now that John's recovered.

"Not so much," he gets out, rasping, but Radek pulls him into a gentle kiss and he thinks maybe that makes it all right.

"Perhaps we try something else, then." Radek pulls him down to the bed and turns them so they're facing each other and John can't help but run a light hand down Radek's arm, touching damp skin and coarse hair.

"Ah, yes," and Radek takes his hand, moves it lower, and yeah, that makes sense, he can do this, and he strokes Radek's cock slowly, feeling foreskin shift under his hand, different to his own.

Then he has to groan, because - god - Radek's touching his dick too, long firm strokes that make his eyes unfocus, but he manages to keep the rhythm on Radek's cock, barely.

John tries for a little variety, over-ambitious as always, twisting his hand on the upstroke and pausing to run his thumb over the head, collecting precome, marvelling that he's the one Radek's getting hot for, making those incredible little noises for. And yeah, so it's not like Radek's hand on his dick isn't helping his enthusiasm, bucking his hips on every stroke and gasping raggedly, eyes locked with Radek's.

He wonders just how much roughness Radek likes, given his reactions so far, so he tightens his grip, pulls harder, and Radek moans and clenches his eyes shut and there's wet on John's hand and oh god, Radek's coming, fuck yes, and John keeps stroking him through it until Radek pushes his hand away. His hand's stopped on John's cock but John's a little distracted because he has to know what it tastes like, licking come - god, Radek's come - off his hand, groaning at the sharp taste.

John stops to watch Radek get his breath back, taking in the dark marks John's made trailing down from his neck, the streak of come across his stomach where John smeared it accidentally, his softening cock lying against his hip. God, is it wrong to find that hot? Because he really, really does.

After a minute Radek opens his eyes and returns the look, trailing his eyes down John until he sees John's cock, still hard and standing straight out, the head just brushing the sheet. When he looks up again there's a wicked gleam in his eyes that worries John a little, until he pushes John onto his back and - god! - goes straight down on him, and this is what John was having trouble with before but god, Radek knows just what he's doing, fuck, and it's hot and wet and Jesus Christ that's tongue right there and John makes a completely embarrassing noise and comes, Radek's hands holding him flat on the bed.

Radek's propped up on one arm watching him when he stops gasping long enough to open his eyes again. He gets a slow smile and Radek's hand trailing through his chest hair, tugging lightly, and John returns the smile, knowing he looks completely wiped out and dazed but not quite able to bring himself to care.

"You military men are very strange," Radek tells him, still running his hand lightly across John's chest. "You would have done nothing, no? If I had not approached you."

John can't exactly argue with that. "It's not like this is normal, you know."

Radek leans in, warm breath against his ear, and whispers, "Nothing about you is normal, Colonel."

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